Hello Everyone,

I would just like to share a few of my thoughts on how NitroJoe’s Race Vapes came into being. Being a smoker most of my adult life, I have tried to quit numerous times without much success. My wife and kids have put up with my bad habit of smoking, and my obsession with drag racing for years. As my children got older, they began to worry about health issues with smoking, and my wife complains about the foul smell. My oldest came to me with a vape mod and said, Hey Pops, try this. Well alright, this is bitchen, no foul odor and no health issues. Now I can Vape with all kinds of great flavors.

Nitro Joe
Nitro Joe

I have tried many different brands and was never really happy, too perfumy, too this, too that. Well, being a drag racer and an off road racer, building and driving my own race cars, I figured I could just build my own flavors, so along came NitroJoe’s. Just as in building a car that will go over 200mph in less than six seconds, you want the very best materials money can buy to keep you safe, we only use the very best flavor and ingredients that can be found for your vaping experience.

Just as in my quest to go ever faster and quicker in drag racing, I promise to keep developing new and interesting flavors to enjoy with a racing twist. So always keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down and Enjoy!


Nitro Joe

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